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Our Mallorca photo diary


Part work, part play - isn't that the best kind of trip? We recently returned from a sunny August in Spain, where we spent much of our time exploring the island of Mallorca in search of unique finds. One half of the Golden Edit duo, Elise, has been incredibly lucky to spend summers in Mallorca since she was a little girl. Her parents have always had an unhealthy obsession with the island, and as a result, it has become fully synonymous with summer. This summer was the first time we traveled to Mallorca together, and the agenda was simple: a little work, a good dose of well-deserved play, and a very specific sourcing mission: finding a handful of the most perfect woven treasures the island had to offer. 

Ahead of our travels, we worked with local women to handweave custom baskets using Mallorcan palm sourced in the island, which we brought back just for you. The art of palm weaving has been passed down through generations, and the women gather in the evening to weave in groups – you can often see them sitting together surrounded by baskets on your way to dinner. Some of these take days to make, especially baskets with multiple colors, which makes them truly special. We also stumbled across various one of a kind pieces at local markets, including one very special hat, and the most gorgeous grape-hued basket. We bring some of these to you now, but stay tuned for more over the next few months.

If you find yourself planning a trip to the island, here are our recommendations: 

Dinner at the new Hotel Pleta de Mar's Foc Asador de Mar for an unforgettable evening with dreamy sunset views

Beach day at Calo Des Moro - a stunning beach tucked into a cove that's so worth the hike! Get there early because it gets so packed

Exploring the historic village of Valldemossa, followed by a day of swimming, sunbaking and snorkeling at Cala Deia, with a break for lunch at Ca's Patro March

Explore the up and coming Santa Catalina neighborhood, in Palma’s south west

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