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The secret to year-round summer skin with Glowbar's Rachel Liverman


We constantly find ourselves adapting to the hustle and bustle of New York City. An ever evolving city surely influences our self-care routines and not necessarily for the best.

It’s no secret that the pandemic, coupled with the changing season, has taken a toll on our skin. The grimy, reusable masks and lack of vitamin D have their true effects. But we’ve decided not to let our dull and blemished skin get us down. Instead, we’re taking our self-care very seriously and chasing that sun-soaked radiance all year long. That dreamy bronzed skin and clear complexion during the warm months are unparalleled, and the ‘summer glow’ doesn’t have to fade with the end of the season. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Manhattan’s Glowbar co-founder Rachel Liverman about pioneering a new skincare experience, her background in esthetics and tips and tricks to maintain that beloved ‘summer glow’ year-round.

Liverman comes from a long lineage of trained estheticians  you could call her a skincare guru. What we love about Glowbar is the simplicity of their concept: think the classic facial, but with a refreshing twist. Glowbar’s treatments are short, affordable, and most importantly, effective. Glowbar believes that self-care doesn’t have to consume your treasured time or break the bank, especially in this fast paced city. Now, you can maintain that summer glow four seasons a year without hopping on a plane to the tropics. New Yorkers can escape the chill of the city by simply traveling to Tribeca or the Upper East Side.

You come from a long line of estheticians – tell us about your background and journey to entrepreneur 

A few years ago I realized that I wasn’t taking proper care of my skin and seeing an esthetician as often as I knew I should  which is crazy given my background and that I am a trained esthetician. I knew that if I was facing this concern, the average consumer was too. For me, it boiled down to two main things: time (facials are lengthy!) and money (they’re also expensive!) and I knew that there could be and should be a more efficient and effective option for the consumer to help them take better care of their skin, consistently. And that’s exactly what Glowbar is.


We’ve been fans of Glowbar since you opened! Where did the concept and idea come from

Beauty has always been in my blood. It started with my grandmother, Catherine Hinds, who founded the first accredited esthetics school called the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics in the 1970s. She traveled overseas regularly and recognized how behind the US consumer was in taking care of their skin  both at home and in a salon/spa setting. So, like a true girl boss, she decided to take it into her own hands. In 1988 my mom took over the institute and was focused on modernizing the curriculum by implementing cutting-edge treatments, technologies and advanced equipment. At the time, there were no tech treatments available such as peels or LED, which are common treatments today. Prior to Glowbar I worked in the beauty industry for ten years at companies such as Birchbox and Beautyblender  both of which taught me so much about starting Glowbar. I tell everyone that my grandmother pioneered skincare, my mom advanced it and I’m re-inventing it.

What are your ultimate tips for faking a ‘summer glow’ year-round?  

Use an exfoliating agent daily – whether it is via your cleanser, toner or serum. And anyone over 25 should be on a retinol treatment to ensure collagen production maintains and the cellular turnover continues – that's what keeps you glowy.  

So many of us are experiencing breakouts and rashes from wearing masks (it’s a new world!). What are the best ways to tackle these breakouts?

Clean.Your.Masks! Maskne is caused by bacteria  and it's coming from your masks! You should treat your masks the way you do underwear  one wear and then wash. Also, make sure you're cleansing and hydrating morning and night.

Rachel Liverman
Rachel Liverman

What are the biggest skincare concerns you address as we transition to a new season? Is there a way to achieve ‘skin wellness’ year-round?

Going from summer (read: humidity) to winter (read: dryness and harsh climates) can really put a toll on your skin. We must continue to cleanse twice day and hydrate. But, you must ensure that your hydration is adequate for your environment. If you're in warmer climates, you may be able to have the same routine throughout the seasons, but if you're in colder climates like New York, I always encourage you upping your hydration, especially at night with either a heavier moisturizer or an oil to occlude the moisture you apply so it can't go anywhere.

Any self care rituals that you live by?

Does Glowbar monthly treatments count? No, seriously I take self-care really seriously since the pandemic. I recognized that I really abandoned myself the past couple years and 2020 has been a year of re-claiming myself and my body. I use the Five Minute Journal as a gratitude practice each morning and follow that by walking my dog and getting coffee. This hour is my favorite part of the day and something that I really can't do without. I also take the time to exercise three times a week at home and bring my lunch to work. These small routines have really allowed me to show my mind, body and soul the love that it deserves.

What beauty items are always in your beach bag?

SPF and more SPF. Elta MD SPF always, Supergoop body SPF, as much water as I can carry (hydration station), a hat and a backup hat if I lose mine (I am terrified of being at the beach without a hat). And, hopefully some bubbly or Sancerre for that 4pm wind down.

Rachel Liverman

Oh, hi there sunshine!

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