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Summer calling: films to get you in the mood


SUMMER IS (almost) HERE. Finally. There's a reason we love this time of year, and it's not just because sun, sand, sex, siesta, repeat. Our best memories were made in the sun; we live and breathe summer - so much so, that we've dedicated this entire site to it. So in honor of the most magical time of year, we've put together our ultimate summer films to get you in the mood for the warm months ahead. Add these to your in-flight watch list, or kill time during your layover.

Florencia + Elise xx

And God Created Woman

Sunny, sensual, sexy AF 

Based in St Tropez in the 1950s, And God Created Woman put Brigitte Bardot on the map. She dressed, she undressed, she danced around and drove everyone crazy in the process. This film made us lust over her as much as it made us want to purchase the next ticket to the south of France. Au revoir! [Photo: Cocinor]  


La Piscine


Cote d'azur charm: check. A love triangle: check. A violent murder: check. This passionate film is a prefect cocktail of everything a French erotic thriller should be. Real-life couple at the time Romy Schneider and Alain Delon frolic around la piscine, embodying the perfect summer romance (cheesy!).

But beneath the glistening surface, their relationship is fuelled with tension and infidelity. Did we tell you how much we love drama? We also love that pool. [Photo: SNC]  

Call Me By Your Name

An instant classic 

Just when we thought we couldn't get enough of Italy, genius Luca Guadagnino goes and creates Call Me By Your Name, a coming-of age film shot in Crema.

Starring Armie Hammer as Oliver and Timothée Chalamet as Elio, it tells the tale of a blossoming romance between a 17 year old student and the older man hired as his father's research assistant. 

The impeccably directed film, full of light, is as beautiful as it is romantic, personal, at times awkward, and constantly hilarious. [Photo: Sony Pictures]

Vicky Cristina Barcelona 

The ultimate ménage à trois

Two young Americans head to Barcelona for the Summer and while visiting an art gallery, Vicky and Cristina meet a charming artist (Javier Bardem - delish!) who invites them to his home for a weekend of you know what.

Little do they know his feisty ex-wife (the exquisite Penelope Cruz) would come back into the picture. And this is where the drama starts. Followed by sex, food, a cigarette or two, and a ton more drama. [Photo: The Weinstein Company]

The Talented Mr Ripley

Gwyneth! Jude! Matt! Need we say more? 

Set in dreamy Positano and nearby villages on the islands of Ischia and Procida, The Talented Mr Ripley offers Italian summer nostalgia with scenes worthy of a postcard. But what starts off as a lesson in classic vacation style quickly turns into a dark thriller.

But, whatever, back to the perks: Gwyneth sure knows how to assemble the perfect vacay wardrobe - offering major outfit inspo throughout the film. Our faves? Her classic linen shirt tied into a crop, her obsession with midi skirts, and retro high waisted bikini briefs. Oh, and Jude, the ultimate accessory (where can we get one?). They also get around on a vespa. Sigh. [Photos: Paramount]   

Oh, hi there sunshine!

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