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Marcella Cacci's quest for clean beauty


Marcella Cacci had always thought that she looked and felt better when she was at the beach. What she didn’t know, is that a profound change actually does happen when we are near water. Influenced by Wallace J. Nichols’ best-selling Blue Mind, the former president of Burberry Beauty saw an opportunity to launch a clean, sustainable, marine based beauty and wellness company – One Ocean Beauty

Embarking on a personal search of what was going on in the beauty industry, she found that there were really two sides of the spectrum: natural products that aren’t necessarily clean at all, and high technology products with active ingredients that are very dirty. One quick look at genius app – Think Dirty – might prompt you to toss the majority of your beauty cabinet. You’ve been warned!

One Ocean’s high performance products not only work, but they’re non-toxic, clean, and sustainable. Marcella's company is centered around extraordinary marine ingredients and also does good for the oceans, with a partnership with Oceana, the largest global science-based organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the oceans.

We caught up with Marcella to find out more about her journey, her beauty routine, and her love for Southern Italy.   


What does clean beauty mean to you?

There are different interpretations of the word "clean" in beauty as legislation is outdated, particularly in the US. To me, "clean" means non-toxic, causing no harm to humans or the environment. We believe that the clean movement will continue to grow as consumers become more aware of what they put in and on their bodies.


What would you say are the main advantages or hurdles in building a progressive, socially conscious brand in 2020?

We have found that our socially conscious approach resonates with consumers and is very much in tune with the zeitgeist. One of the main hurdles is costing. In most cases, it seems to be more expensive to formulate and develop in a sustainable way. 

Any advice on how to make the jump to a clean beauty regimen?

Customers need to do their research. However, retailers such as Credo and Detox Market do have helpful guidelines. Apps such as Think Dirty which gives a toxicity rating, are also invaluable in helping identify which brands are clean, and which are not.  

What about for women who are looking to pare down their beauty routine?

Some women enjoy the process of exploration, discovery and experimentation with complex beauty regimens. At One Ocean Beauty, we tried to simplify the process. Our formulations are multi-tasking (which means one product has multiple effects) and they provide a clean, clinically-proven, easy and effective routine. 

Marcella Cacci


What are you most excited about when it comes to your category?

What is exciting to me are the advances in technology. We can take a single cell from a marine source and reproduce in in the lab through Blue Biotechnology. This means that we have consistently high-quality active ingredients and never harm biodiversity of the oceans, as unlike other brands, we do not harvest.

How do you self-care?

I try to be by the ocean as often as possible and get in a state of "Blue Mind", where I am relaxed, stress levels are lowered, and I'm at my most creative.

You've shared with us that you (also) love the island of Capri in Italy. What are some your favorite places, and the best time to go?

Never go to Italy in August. All of Europe seems to be on vacation during this month and Capri can get very crowded and touristic. Late June, or even better, September when the water is warmer, are the best months in my view. One of my favorite places on Capri is the Hotel La Scalinatella. It's old school Italy at its best. Enjoy a cocktail shaken by Genaro (one of the best bartenders on the island) on the hotel terrace where the views are spectacular. Spending the day on a traditional wooden Gozzo and then sailing up to pranzo at La Fontelina Beach Club is a must! Not only are the food and wine excellent, but set on the rocks at the bottom of the cliff is the perfect view of the famous Faraglioni rocks. Da Paolino's is also not to be missed. The tables are set outside under an immense grove of lemon trees. Classic southern Italian dishes are executed to perfection and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. I would recommend the fresh pasta with lemon, a house specialty. 

Marcella Cacci
Marcella Cacci

Oh, hi there sunshine!

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