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Designer Spotlight: Neu Nomads


As soon as we saw the beautiful designs of Neu Nomads, we knew that we had to bring them to you. Neu Nomads makes sustainable, sophisticated staples for the modern minimalist. We admire their commitment to bringing simple, sustainable luxury at attainable prices and we are so excited to have them at Golden Edit.

Not only do we love their classic designs that stand the test of time, we also can relate to their origin story: the brand was launched by two co-workers turned co-founders — just like us at Golden Edit. Founders Karen and Angela met while working together for a NY-based luxury fashion brand and established a bond over a shared desire to change the fashion landscape by creating a globally aware and environmentally conscious brand. And so Neu Nomads was born. Their designs are made of luxe fabrics in timeless, flattering cuts — ensuring these pieces seamlessly transition from beach to city and everywhere in between. 

We are so happy to have the opportunity to connect with co-founder Karen to discuss her and Angela’s vision for their brand...  

We love that Neu Nomads is founded by two coworkers-turned-friends-turned-cofounders… sounds familiar to us at Golden Edit! What inspired you to start your brand?  

Angela and I started working together very organically. We met many years ago in New York when she was running her production agency and I was at Fleur du Mal. Our 'departments' never overlapped but I always loved her energy and spirit. We lost touch and then reconnected about three years ago when she moved to Delhi to oversee a large factory that worked with luxury European brands. And one day, what was supposed to be a simple catch up on Skype turned into a long conversation reimagining what it means to be a fashion brand in a time of global awareness and environmental consciousness. And we just kept on skyping and brainstorming about ways we might be able to work together. We knew we had the ingredients and I was actually in a transition in my career and looking for the next opportunity. Angela is originally from Germany and I had coincidentally married a German guy and we ended up being in Munich during Christmas together and that's when our plan was hatched! For us the start, the inspiration, was the business perspective. We wanted to create a brand that was able to make change and prove that it was possible to do things differently.


After decades working in fashion, what did you think was missing in the industry? What did you want to do differently? 

We like to say that at Neu Nomads 'everything is considered'. From our core brand values, to the fabrics, the factories, the packaging, the products and ultimately the customer. Our collections are sourced from a supply chain that is 100% traceable. That is not something you see a lot in the industry. Yes, everyone speaks about sustainability now, but the only way that we are going to be able to create a more sustainable and equitable world is if we make a step forward with action. For us it's about offering the customer well made styles at sharp prices that have an everlasting design ethos.  

Neu Nomads

Your brand is dedicated to environmental consciousness — can you talk about how this influences the sourcing of your fabrics?

For every new collection we always start with the fabrics. Before we even begin thinking about designs, we work with our suppliers to source innovative and responsibly manufactured fabrics – most of which are plant based like Linen, Tencel and organic cotton. It's been extremely challenging to build a collection using only sustainable fabrics but we set out from day one to do things differently and have never strayed. 


Neu Nomads is the brainchild between two women — one in New York and the other in New Delhi — how does this global ownership influence your designs?

It is actually what defined our design mission. We set out to create beautiful wardrobe essentials for women like us: global citizens, modern minimalist and conscious consumers. Every piece is tailored for ease and elegance – fit for laid back lounging and global journeys. Angela and I are both lifelong travelers – between the two of us we've been to 70+ countries! We draw inspiration from city streets and rural villages alike – the colors, textures and energy you feel from visiting new places always inspire us.

Karen Wood

Your brand isn’t just mission driven, but also effortlessly cool, chic and practical. What destinations or travels have most influenced your work?

Sadly this year there wasn't much travel... so I found myself doing a lot of scrolling in my photos – I love using the 'places' feature in the iPhone to remember all the fun trips! I was in Sri Lanka a few years back and it was one of the most magical places I've ever been. It's the type of place you could easily spend months roaming from village to village from rainforests to the mountains to the beaches. The colors and flavors were magnificent – it's as if all your senses are heightened by the beauty of the scenery and the tastes and aromas of the food. We are so used to travelling for inspiration that this season our process changed a bit... we reached out to our customers from Finland to Mexico to see how they were doing during lockdown and find out what they wanted to wear. Because we are an agile, small team we were able to execute new ideas and build a collection with a global perspective. And of course we look outside to our own homes in New York, Germany and India – all magical places in their own way.

Where are you most looking forward to taking your Neu Nomads pieces this summer?

I'm dreaming of sitting on the deck at Duryea's in Montauk with a glass of Wolfer rose and a seafood tower. There's nothing better than people watching, boat watching and bird watching and relaxing in the sun. It's just the best. Hopefully I'll be able to meet up with my partner in Germany this summer – we usually go in July for sales meetings and to visit family. The summer in the Alps is truly magical, I can already taste the beer.


Oh, hi there sunshine!

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