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Christie Ferrari's Balearic Islands getaway


If you, like us, love finding inspirational travel content on Instagram, you've no doubt come across Miami native Christie Ferrari - the psychologist-turned-lifestyle blogger who now calls New York City home. Christie has a knack for mixing investment pieces with affordable brands and adding an injection of Miami color into every look. More than just a blogger, Christie has an esteemed Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and recently started offering advice to readers of her eponymous blog through a new column, Dr C.

Upon Christie's return from the Balearic Islands, she chatted with Golden Edit co-founder, Elise Labau Topaloglu, (who's been spending her summers on the island since she was a child) about her favorite spot in Mallorca, life as a blogger, and why she only travels with a carry-on... 

you have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, how did you get into blogging? 

It was sort of an accident! I was in Baltimore completing my residency at Johns Hopkins and while I had always shared outfits on my Instagram for my friends and family, it was then that I looked into a creative outlet so I decided to give the “blog thing” a go. In the beginning it was mostly concentrated on outfits of the day, but soon after I started incorporating trends, reviews and such. Last year, I finally decided to bring the psychology and wellness aspect into it as well with my Dr. C’s tips column and videos, which is a weekly (or almost-weekly) series on normalizing daily struggles and talking about little things we can do to help us 

What do you find most rewarding about what you do?

I’ve received a lot of support and positive feedback since I started the Dr C. column which is great. I hope people start realizing that “hey, you’re not the only one”. So that has been very rewarding. And even from a fashion perspective, sometimes people reach out with positive feedback as well about how I helped them find the right piece for a special event or ask me whether they should invest in a particular bag or shoe. If I can help anyone in any way I can, that’s rewarding to me 

let's talk about your recent trip - What were your first impressions?

It was my first time in Mallorca, but fourth time in Ibiza. Mallorca frankly blew me away. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and how similar or different it would be from Ibiza, a place I’ve been to before and know. What I found was truly wonderful. From Palma itself, a very beautiful city with the amazing cathedral and quaint streets, to the castle and then to the individual towns like Deia and Valldemossa which look as if you were transported to the Italian Amalfi coast. It was overall a very, very pleasant surprise and I certainly hope to return.  

Cala Deia is one of my absolute favorites! what was your favorite moment on the island?

I think simply driving on that road that takes you past Valldemossa and Deia. What an incredible road, with the twists and turns, the views! We also had the opportunity to visit Mirador La Foradada which had an incredible view. No pictures there though as it was a friend’s pre-wedding cocktail welcome night.   

What about Ibiza? How would you compare the two?  

Ibiza is a place I’ve been going back to year after year and it's really close to my heart. Comparing the two would be tough, because they’re different. Each island has its own personality and I need to spend more time in Mallorca to really get a good feel for it. Ibiza is almost two islands within one for me. Yes, it has the party side that everyone knows about. And it’s true, there are great parties on the island. But, it’s also an island that has a very relaxed, almost zen-like experience as well. The north side, for example, has beautiful hotels where you can’t hear a sound. It’s quiet, and you can relax starting at the sunset. Another day, you can head out to Es Vedra and watch the sunset there for a truly epic experience. So there’s a lot to do and something for everyone. 

tell us about some of the Golden edit pieces you took with you

While driving around in Valldemossa and Deia, I wore a yellow two piece with yellow espadrilles and then I added the super cute Tottem Mucura bag as I saw it as the perfect complement to the look. Once we arrived in Cala Deia, I changed into my one-piece bathing suit, which has a lace up tie back. I added the Primavera embroidered crop top, which makes for a great cover up for the pool or the beach, as you can tie it loosely on the front. Then while in Ibiza, I went hiking down a mountain to arrive at these incredible natural pools, and brought this super fun net bag that went perfectly with the suit I was wearing – and perfect to bring some fruit to the beach! [Christie also wears the Andros toquilla straw hat]

You’re obviously a pro traveler - any tips you can share when it comes to packing and getting organized ahead of a trip?

Every trip I take I do so out of a carry on suitcase, believe or not. Whether it’s Ibiza or Fashion Week. My trick is to plan outfits before-hand. Think of locations you know you’ll visit and begin putting outfits together. Then, look at incorporating the same purses or shoes to different outfits as well, to save space. Finally, sometimes I use my biggest purse to put all other purses and things inside and have that be my bag in addition to the carry on.

We love asking women who inspire us about balance - i think it's something that a lot of women strive for, but it's so tricky. How do you juggle it all?

I think balance is something everyone struggles with at times, and perhaps bloggers or entrepreneurs in particular. Because you always have that “well, I’m tired, but if I do this or that, I’m going to benefit from it”. But to me, I dedicate specific days in which I say “I’m not going to work” and then my certain times that I say “ok, enough. Time to watch TV or go out to dinner”. This trip in particular, I actually limited the images I took on purpose in order to enjoy it a bit more. 

Oh, hi there sunshine!

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