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Summer Dreaming with Ashley Kane


Our initial encounter with Ashley Kane was a chance encounter really. Corners of the internet intersecting over mutual interests… the love of a gorgeous Janessa Leone hat, or perhaps the freedom that the perfectly flowy crinkle linen pants offer you on a warm Summer day. And when she did cartwheels in hers, barefoot in her garden, we knew we had found a kindred soul.  

And to “meet” Ashley is to love her and the ever-expanding world she has created for herself. Her lifestyle site celebrates living with style and intention – “To make living itself an art” is her entire philosophy, and she has such a personal way to draw you into her world that becomes nothing short of addictive. For us, it was the way flowers are arranged in a vintage vase, the way a crisp white cotton button down is worn open over a two piece bathing suit, or better yet, her love for sunny picnics on vintage quilts. And we invite you to find your own.

We caught up with Ashley to find out more about how she finds beauty and inspiration, what is currently on her moodboards, and of course our common love of travel (and Italian summers!).

What motivated you to start your own blog? And how has it evolved over the years? 

When I was younger, my family moved a lot. I bounced around a few schools from 5th-8th grade, so when high school came around, I didn't feel very rooted. Looking back, I felt a sense of loneliness throughout those years. I had always been creative and was fueled by my curiosity of interior design, fashion, and photography. My dad got our family's first computer in my Sophomore year of high school, and I remember becoming obsessed with channeling my creativity digitally. It was a place for me to pour my heart into and collect things that inspired me. Then came blogging by way of Live Journal and Blogger. I loved the feeling of creating this little world where I could simply be myself and get lost in inspiration. It's been something that has stuck with me ever since – my most consistent passion project that has truly shaped who and where I am today. I don't think I will ever give up on blogging. Even if down the road it is simply for myself – it's a part of me.


What inspires you? 

So much of the world shapes my eye and inspires me. Nature, design books, gorgeous lighting, a few favorite magazine subscriptions, Pinterest and Tumblr scrolls, films and tv series, traveling, cooking... the ways in which I have stumbled upon inspiration have been both obvious and so absurdly out there – it's the way you look at things that bring those amazing lightening moments into your life.

What images and graphics are attached to your most recent moodboard?

I have a vision board in my office – which I should have credited in the first question! Before a computer came into my life, I would cut out beautiful imagery and create always-evolving moodboards in my room growing up. We just bought our first home and I have an office space for the first time! Bringing a moodboard back in my life was something I had been looking forward to for a long time. That said, it is full to the brim with design ideas for our home; color stories, styling ideas, fabric samples – bringing lots of color, texture, and pattern into our new space which has been so fun. We are having a baby girl in June, so I am in full nest mode.  

How can you infuse a little "summer" into your home décor year-round?

I am a forever lover of natural elements in our space – all the rattan, jute, and wicker throughout which always evoke such happy, warm-weather vibes. 

Ashley Kane
Ashley Kane
Ashley Kane
Ashley Kane
Ashley Kane

How are you finding beauty and inspiration throughout the pandemic? 

Funnily enough, the last year has pushed me in a lot of ways I wouldn't have expected when the world first turned upside down. It's nudged me to be a bit more crafty in my process, and to see things in a new light and perspective. Staying home has forced me to zoom in more closely on what brings me joy and has helped me to fine tune what parts of my work make me happiest.

What are some of your favorite brands and products that remind you of warm seasons?

I collect blue and white tableware, which I'm always so excited to whip out this time of year! I've been slowly collecting vintage pieces, too, as I love a mix match table scene. This is a given, but I love to live in linen, the happiest fabric! Sum Bum mineral SPF and lip balm, their scents are the epitome of summer in a tube! Janessa Leone hats are big heroes in my Summer uniform – I have five or so at this point and they are forever favorites! And lastly, vintage quilts for picnicking – picnics are one of my favorite things too; I take them very seriously. 

If you could plan the dream trip this summer – where are you going and what does it look like?

Locally – my husband and I frequent wine country quite often, it's our happy place. A few of our most visited and loved areas: Sonoma, Healdsburg, St. Helena, Yountville, and Oakville. We usually visit two or three times a month in normal times, and will do overnights every other month. Just being there brings me such relaxation and peace. The lush and verdant scenery, the laid-back vibes, the food and wine... Oh how I miss me some wine! A bigger trip – no place I would rather be than Europe (namely Italy and Paris). I can't stop thinking about our Italian honeymoon and stay at the most beautiful boutique hotel – Casa Privata. It is my perfect holiday summed up. Dreamy and design-forward, the best food, the most epic oceanfront rock chaise lounge scene... It is just everything I could ask for in a vacation. It's a slice of heaven!  

Ashley Kane
Ashley kane
Ashley Kane

Oh, hi there sunshine!

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