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European Summer with Sara Ramen


Sara Ramen epitomizes "summer girl cool". The model's Instagram reads like a curated guide to effortless chic style and living. Born to a Swedish father and a French/Italian mother and growing up across Australia and France, Sara's multicultural background and extensive travels lend themselves to a sophisticated yet casual and unique aesthetic.   

Sara has perfected what the French call "savoir vivre"  or literally mastered the art of living life simply and beautifully. She understands the power of rituals, and the simple pleasures of summer living. She's practiced across multiple dreamy European destinations, and as a result is fluent in slow and purposeful living. Browsing through her breathtaking shots of the best beaches along the Amalfi, mouthwatering pasta, and breezy summer days sailing with friends, it is impossible not to long for a European escape. 

We are excited to share our chat with Sara – including some of her most cherished summer memories, the magic of Positano and Ponza, and how to experience it all like a local. 

You're a true summer girl. Talk to us about what summer means to you. Maybe share some of your earliest memories... 

There's just something really magical about summer – a certain scent in the air, moods are lifted, days are longer, the beach and summer fruits! So many of my happiest memories were made during this time, especially in Europe. I spent many summers in Sweden growing up – picking wild strawberries from the steps of our lake house, having a sauna and jumping into the lake under the rain, my grandmother's rhubarb strawberry jam (the best I've ever had), playing croquet on the lawn, very cold beach swims with waffles and cloudberry jam afterwards, scrabble by the fire (Swedish summers can be temperamental), fresh baby potatoes and salmon from the local fish shop and kanelbullar (cinnamon buns)! I live for kanelbullar.  

If you had to pick one place for an ideal day, where would it be? 

Positano! It's a trip I do with my mother and the day is pretty much always something like this: For breakfast we make a fruit salad and dip peach jam buttery covered fette biscottate into our coffee on the terrace. We quickly get ready and race down all the steps so we can catch one of the early boats to Da Adolfo. Sometimes we grab a brioche along the way, it's become a bit of a ritual to have it with our cappuccini on the lettini when we get to Laurito. Pranzo is always 1pm sharp, so the morning is filled with lots of swimming, reading and speaking to friends on the beach. It's back to the lettini after Pranzo, usually a nap followed by lots of swims, maybe an ice cream and scopa on the deck. I think sunset is the most beautiful time to catch the boat back to town. I love standing on the jetty and watching the water glimmer. We slowly walk back to the house, relax and have an aperitivi before we get ready for cena. Cena is at Bar Bruno nearly every night... it's like having dinner with a big family and I miss it so much.  

Your passion for cooking seems so closely intertwined with summer  and juicy fruits. Why do you think that is?

I love the flavors and colors of summer. There's something so enjoyable about cooking a meal for friends and having a long, relaxing lunch outside in the warmth that goes into the evening. Fruit based desserts are my favorite, there's nothing better than slicing into a galette and seeing all of the peach and nectarine juices run wild.  

Describe your personal (summer) style

Very relaxed with a basket in hand, tan leather sandals and bursts of color. You'll also find me swanning about in matching sets, I love them... on par with the galette! 

Your advice for "faking" summer any time of the year and anywhere

Listening to your favorite summer music, eating particular dishes that feed your nostalgia and letting your mind wander into the beautiful memories of past summers.  

If you could be transported anywhere right now, where would it be? And why?

Ponza. I would like to be dangling my feet off the boat, looking up at the white cliffs over the turquoise water while eating a freshly made panino... looking forward to the ice cream boat that will make its way around the island in the afternoon, and listening to the sounds of the birds and the splashes of the water against the boats. It's incredibly beautiful and raw and has a very special place in my heart.  


We just launched our very first capsule collection of three dresses directly inspired by Florencia and I's best summer memories. How would you wear the Sol dress on a gorgeous summer day?

I'd wear The Sol Dress with a pair of chunky raffia sandals, my favorite gold bracelets and my basket bag which is covered in embroidery for a splash of color.  

Oh, hi there sunshine!

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